Trodat Self Inking Stamps

This type of stamp is suitable for fast and repetitive stamping, given that the die re-inks itself by simply rotating into a double-sided and self contained pad. Other inkpads allow you to make several impressions before they start fading. You are therefore forced to replace...
the pads or re-ink them whenever this happens.   However, using a self inking stamp offers a better experience because of various reasons. When the impressions start fading, you only need to slide out the ink pad, turn it over and reinsert the pad. You can therefore use a self inking pad for twice as long as you would use an ordinary stamp.   Lining up impressions is easy, courtesy of the clear mount bottom.   The ink pad can not only be re-inked, but also replaced. You can choose any of the six ink colors.   Additionally, the self inking stamp can be customized with three strips of information. It’s therefore suitable for stamping bank deposits and other important documents.

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